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Virtualization Services

Cloudhub Co Ltd provides virtualization services to meet the business and IT planning goals. Virtualization services have been the buzzword for a few years now, and we have taken into account every consideration for a virtualization project. We review all requirements for data and app security, hardware sizing, virtual server management and virtualization deployment methodologies to ensure a successful adoption of the platform.

Cloudhub consultants have been through the trenches and know how virtual server and virtual application implementations can save companies money and increase IT staff productivity. Through their network of trusted partners such as VMWare, Microsoft and others, Cloudhub show you how virtualization can serve your business needs.

Cloudhub Co Ltd is one of only a select few IT consulting companies in Mauritius that has achieved the VMware Enterprise Partner status. This accomplishment only comes with deep knowledge of server virtualization and data virtualization project and installations. Your datacenter management is made easier by including virtualization and cloud computing services to your arsenal. VMware’s vSphere virtualization platform leads the industry in data center virtualization installations. Their VM View software makes server monitoring and management a breeze for your IT staff. Cloudhub handles every size virtualization services projects from enterprise to entry level. Whether we use VMware or Microsoft virtual server installations, Cloudhub’s experience and creative approach to your virtual data center infrastructure ensures that you will always have the best virtualization services solution.

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July 15, 2016


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