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Disaster Recover Solutions

Cloudhub Co Ltd, provides Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for clients that want to reduce their exposure to catastrophic risk.

Cloudhub has supplied its clients with IT disaster recovery planning and expertise. With numerous projects completed and monitored, we have the personnel, training and experience to ensure that your data backup plan is implemented and tested correctly.
We think of all the “what if’s” and “what could go wrongs”. We also provide solutions that offer you a full suite of IT disaster recovery tools, customizable to your specific needs. To terabyte ,Cloudhub knows how to keep your data backed up ad ready to go should a disaster occur.

If you are seeking an outsourced IT consulting Solution Company to assist you in your next backup and disaster recovery project, call Cloudhub on 5 741 0011 or email us through the website. We’ll provide you with disaster recovery consultants that will make it easier to sleep at night knowing your backup disaster recovery is covered competently and securely.

Want to obtain a back up consultation for your company?
Please send us simple request or email us on [email protected] / [email protected]


July 15, 2016


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