About Us

About Cloudhub


Cloudhub Co. Ltd is a high- tech firm providing customized web, IoT solutions and is also a pure-play cloud services provider. We focus on delivering trustworthy and affordable cloud infrastructure services (IaaS), on which you can run your OS and applications or for data storage. We also provide PaaS, 裏本大全集 SaaS and DaaS, PBX; and most importantly the development and integration of your customized IT/ IoT/M2M solutions.

Cloudhub Mauritius Ltd is the result of our continued dedication to help companies take advantage of the IoT revolution in the island.

Basically the cloud technology fundamentally changes the way we consume compute, store and communicate with network resources. We believe that masses of commendable technology is already available with our dedicated team in our cloud for you.

Our Vision


To be the global leader in M2M/IoT Technology & Business Intelligence Solutions in Mauritius

Our Goals


To nurture creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to create industry benchmarks and bringing about positive change in our environment.


To relentlessly pursue perfection and tread a path of continuous improvement in order to set high standards of performance.


To be open, fair, honest and consistent in our dealings with all stakeholders

Customer centricity

To have customers at the centre of what we do and strive to maximize their levels of satisfaction